14 June, 2014

Those Blue Days

Have you seen those Blue days;
Heavenly waters making ways;
Clouds hiding the sun's rays;
Vision blurred by ravishing rays?

Sky, blue in colour,
Cold is the climate,
Joyous is my heart.

Dew on the flower,
And world too quiet,
When did sprinklings start?

On Rivers of rain
Paper ships do sail,
Keeping hope all up.

Pouring in chain,
Into empty pail,
Hiding is my pup.

Earth, now, coated in glaze;
Nature's splendour leaves me in daze.
Have you seen those Blue days,
Vanishing later without trace?


  1. It's a nice poem. I don't know what inspired you to write it but for me it's a beautiful articulation of the happiness rainy days bring. Keep writing :)

    1. Thank you for commenting, Anisha.
      It was one of those rainy mornings that made me want to write this poem. Thank you.


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