23 December, 2014

Tanka of Nights



Eyes blinded by black,
cheese comes in vicinity,
as sun shies away.
Unrelenting eyes, unseen,
by nature, sight to behold.

My light reveals way,
a journey by dray or foot,
through the frequent paths.
Cryptic sea relents, but cloaks,
to heat of wood, on passage.

With mirror hung there,
fire flies up in distant sky
man's gazed eternal.
Fable and lore's seed, I dwell,
devil's mystic time, the night.

Arcane times of world,
esoteric beings rule,
when kings become prey.
The hours of death and darkness,
Nights are never what they seem.

Eyes closed yet open,
a walk in the numinous,
fear instilling nights.
I am a citizen in
the empire of the great owls.


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