13 September, 2013

Shades of Silly Suns

Hail the sun of the morn that rose, 
Or so from it's place it thought. 
Shining bright since it arose, 
Line that others have also bought. 

Surface is cool, very hot within, 
On looking at the scums outside. 
It cools itself with some fine Gin, 
Following scums that live beside. 

When eve returns, it falls below, 
But forgets the fall on it's rise again. 
It's rise but superficial yet slow, 
Worlds nigh don't see what remain. 

Men are like the sun that rages again, 
Forgetting that it's a temporary gain.

The End

I have been planning to write two series from this month of September. Hopefully, I will be able to publish at least one this month while the other, which is a Fictional retelling of Historical events in India, may take some time. Probably next month.

I thank you all for your continued support and Hope that you like the new makeover.
Just one thing, I ask of you all. Please leave your comments. 
It would be a great motivation and will help me improve.

Thanking you all for the support...

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