13 June, 2013

Becoming an Eagle

For a change my friends, I test waters in poetry. With different forms of art being explored I take time to invest my time in a novel and thus have been a little tight on my schedule to work on my blogs. Soon enough I will start my work back here as I continue to venture beyond the boundaries set for me by Mr. Nobody.

Until then I hope you enjoy my poem. This is my debut as a poet.

Becoming an Eagle
Becoming an Eagle

Becoming an Eagle

Driven by it's instinct
The bird returns 
Home to sleep.. 

The day's toil,
Wore it down
As it dreams deep..

Lights rise,
It opens it's eyes,
To see the vast Sky..

Above flew one,
Soars alone,
Without a shy..

Deep inside,
It has it's pride,
In looking at the Sun..

It swooped below,
to catch a foe,
No, not for fun..

It soared high,
To reach the sky,
Behold an Eagle it became..

None hoped so,
When it swooped so low,
That it would rise Again.

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  1. Good work man. Need of this type of poems nowadays .


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