30 November, 2012

The Perfect Plan

 The sun beamed at the stage set for the party campaigning at the district for the elections which were round the corner

“Why is Ram so tensed today?”
“He is the one in-charge of today’s campaigning and this is the last place of campaign. The party’s future in the coming elections doesn’t seem well. So everything could be blamed on him. His head is at stake.” Replied the Senior Editor to his newly-appointed assistant’s question.
“Then do you think that there would be something up their sleeves for this is the final place of campaign for the party before the elections.”
“You mean like a master-stroke. It only happens in cinemas. Usually these things will be a big drab. Some usual swearing against the opposite parties and then brags about themselves and finally distribution of money or liquor or whatever, depending upon the remaining never-ending election funds.”
“Then why are we here?”
A person came from behind and patted the Senior Editor’s back, pulling a chair close-by near them and taking his seat.
“This is Mr Aravind. He is the reason for our visit here.”
“Hello Sir”
“He is the Party’s PR head. He says that the party leader, Krishna, has something planned for this final speech. That is why we have come here. It may be important.”
“What is it about?” the two of them turned towards Aravind with a blank look on their faces.
“We don’t know. Ram is the one who believes in it. He is the only person with whom the leader has spoken in the past week and he claims that the Leader has insisted that we make some special arrangements for this day. We don’t know what it is. Ram doesn’t know what it is. Our Leader must have stumbled upon something big enough to turn tables for us. That is what we all believe. It’s going to be an important day.”
Ram smiled at Aravind for a second, who returned it, then turned his head to the opposite of the stage and looked hard at the building which was in ruins.

Jai and Dev came into their room with two black bags hanged on their shoulders. They unpacked the items and began setting up the devices.
“How long will it take?”
“How am I supposed to know, Dev?”
“Then when do we start working?”
“Well let’s get prepared and set up our devices. We shall begin our work once we get the signal. We have to be patient. Get ready.”
“In short, it could take aeons for completing our work.”

Pilot cars came into the ground splitting the sea of people into two on both ends of the road and immediately Ram’s face brightened. What followed was the envoy of the opposition leader and taking a circle around the ground his car came right in front of the red carpet and halted. Ram rushed forward to open the door for his beloved Leader. Krishna got down from the car and tumults rose from the crowd and everyone was waving their hands at him and Krishna returned his love for hem by waving back at them. By this time the cameras had started running, reporters had opened their notepads, laptops and I-pads and were eager to capture what would be said, photographers clicked their way through their own crowd around Krishna for a better snap at him and other leaders, seated at the stage, either came down to receive their Party’s leader or they stood up to show respect towards his arrival while the person on the microphone stopped his speech for the settlement of the crowd.

“Mine is all set, Jai. What else do you want me to do?”
“Anything else?”
“Focus.” Replied Jai as he was still fixing his device on the stand trying to focus on his work by fobbing off the interruptions from his companion whom he had to pick up for his own safety.

Several members of the party had taken turns at the mike and only Krishna and Ram were left for giving speech and it was already decided that Ram would take the conclusion and thanking part of the meeting. Krishna, a man not more than sixty-five with grey groomed hair and no other facial hair, came up in front of the mike and again the tumults began from the crowd and one could only hear the whistles and shouts of the crowd. Krishna raised his hand asking the supporters to calm down and was obeyed and he started his speech. Not more than five minutes later, Ram came up to Krishna and whispered something in his ears. Krishna acknowledged the statement and continued the speech again.

“The signal’s here. Wait for me to go. Wait for my instructions after that.”
Jai looked through the lens and found the Leader standing at the podium, waiting for him to do his work. With a deep breath held back, Jai pulled the trigger and the bullet soared through the air. Krishna’s head was run through by the silver bullet, came out through the other end of his head and was lost.
Ram turned to the building opposite to him and made some signal for his men to search the place. People began to run hither-tither and there was a big commotion which by itself trampled some of the men, who had fallen on the ground.
Some men were visible through the broken window of the rooms. They were ready for this and were waiting for the chance to grasp the culprit in action.
“What do you see?”
“There are some men inside the room.”
“How many?”
“I’m not sure. Maybe four. Could be more.”
“Great. Did you bring my phone?”
“It’s in the bag.”
“Get to your position. Now.”

Blood was flowing out of the hole on Krishna’s head and Ram sat near his leader wailing out loud of the most unfortunate event that took place on such an eventful day. Some more time and the ruling party would have been nailed by the Leader’s speech for he had come to know of a secret about the Ruling party which he had wanted to reveal directly to the public. Now the secret has died with him. An ascending sound of a cell phone was heard at the stage and Ram reached for his vibrating pocket to take out his phone.
Caller: Private.
“It’s me.”
“Are you safe?”
“Yes. Didn’t expect it right.”
“What do you mean?”
“I saw men barging into the room which I showed you as the place where I would be carrying out my operation. How did they come? Surely you should have given out my place.”
“What do you mean? I didn’t send anyone there.”
“Then how did they come?”
“Someone must have seen the gun fire. Yes. That’s it. Someone must have seen the gun fire when you shot and they came searching.”
“Didn’t you read me? I wasn’t there. At the place where I told you, I would be. I am somewhere else. You turned against me. I always had doubts about you. The first time I met you. I knew you were wrong. You were evil. You would do anything for yourself. Just like planning to kill your Leader. Now you have reached the end of your fate. Any last wishes?”
“No. No. Leave me alone. I will get you.”
“You won’t have the time.”
“Come on. Don’t do this.”
“Why not?”
“Please I beg you.”
“Dirty politicians are as good as rotten apples. Good bye.”

Jai signalled Dev to carry out his work. A small bang and in a second Ram fell on the stage beside his Leader with his phone near his head and the call running. More bloodshed.
“Why did you kill your employer?” asked the apprentice to Jai.
“Else he would have come after us. I was a liability. If I get caught, he gets caught. That’s why he sent men to kill me at that room.”
“But isn’t this a waste for us?”
“How is that? We were employed to kill one person. We have received our money in full. Now all that remains is our lives. What happens to our employer is not our problem. Whether we kill them or they themselves commit suicide, it doesn’t bother us.”
“Seems like some people have seen the firing from here.”
“Pack up. Let’s get going.”

---The End---

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